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What We Provide:

Flexible Payroll Services Offering a more comprehensive service that ties in your employee benefits, workers compensation and human resources, our enterprise-wide solutions simplify your most critical employee function.
Vendor Consolidation and Administration Taking the multitude of employee-related vendors such as the IRS and state agencies, insurance carriers, benefit vendors and banking relationships, EMS becomes your single source vendor.
Simplified Employee Accounting Through our simplified billing statement, all of your employee-related bills are consolidated into one invoice.

Online Access

Online Access From your web browser, search for, view and print everyday HR forms, input hours worked and other payroll information, access employee payroll and history information, employee lists, processing payroll and much more.

Employees Get Online Access Too! EMS allows your employees state-of-the art tools and resources on their benefits, pay history and critical human resources and management forms. Online training courses and extensive supervisor support is available.

More Options!

Integration with Time & Attendance Simplifying your payroll processing with automated time-keeping systems, EMS can work with your solutions provider to connect directly to payroll.

Paperless Payroll With Direct Deposit of Employees Pay and Savings Accounts, you and your employees will enjoy the sophistication and clutter-free relief from paperless reports, statements, and payroll checks.

About Us

Our services save time, reduce liabilities, and allow you to focus on growing your business.


To provide a flexible business model which will allow you to succeed in today’s complex business environment!

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