Employee Benefits

altEMS is ready to insure that your company is in compliant with all new Heath Reform Laws by giving you instant access to a broad range of benefit plans.




EMS will review your own group insurance plans, or allow us to go to market and design your plan.

Service Your Employees Can Count On

Our Benefits Coordination Team will insure that each employee gets the attention they need when selecting and enrolling in their medical, dental, vision, retirement and other programs.

Simple Billing Statement

EMS will authorize and deduct employee and employer premiums and automatically forward them to your benefits providers to ensure accuracy and timeliness of payment.

Administration of Your Benefits

From enrollment to premium reconciliation and audit, our benefits administration team will help you manage your policies. From basic to full-administration, our team will support your employees.

About Us

Our services save time, reduce liabilities, and allow you to focus on growing your business.


To provide a flexible business model which will allow you to succeed in today’s complex business environment!

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