Payroll Services


EMS can provide basic payroll services to all types of business big or small and handle the complexities of your organization. Learn More.

Human Resources


EMS will help ensure that your company is compliant with the myriad of rules and regulations related to Human Resources. Learn More.



Using EMS can quickly enable your company to get competitive pricing for health insurance and employee benefits. Learn More.

Workers Comp


We handle all the administration of a workers' compensation claim, from first report of injury to case closure.
Learn More.

PEO Services


The Professional Employer Organization assumes responsibility for obligations related to human resources, workers' compensation, payroll, labor law compliance and employment taxes. Learn More.

Employee Management

The responsibility and complexities of having employees comes with vast apprehensions that will stop any business owner in their tracks.

According to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), employee management companies help businesses "reduce costs and free up time to devote to revenue generating activities, improvements that can be instrumental to gaining competitive advantage."

Through our comprehensive approach to managing your human resources, liability is decreased, administration is streamlined and employee productivity is optimized. We proudly serve the San Antonio and Central Texas area to ensure that all your PEO, and ASO needs are fully met.

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Our services save time, reduce liabilities, and allow you to focus on growing your business.


To provide a flexible business model which will allow you to succeed in today’s complex business environment!

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